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Just Jordean

My name is Jordean and I am a writer, cook, at-home baker, editor, video producer, coach, personal trainer, poet, photographer and an overall awesome person 🙂 I am just me.

This Poem Pretty Much Sums up who I am…or at least who I once was…..

My Beginning

The quickest way to my soul is through paper and pen, I let loose any fears or doubts from within

wanting to be more carefree and live life on the edge, sleep more, worry less, release myself from useless stress

no more dreams of death that turn into reality, tears at night because no one sees the pain that I see

my hearts constantly on fire, burning from the rejections of my desires. I’m inspired by my pain, I got so much to gain, I’m trying to refrain from the mental abuse that I put myself through

so far down at times I’m afraid to get up, but I’m afraid I’ll get stuck, I been down on my luck

never been superstitious, but this shit is getting ridiculous, I’m seeing pain at every angle, I feel like I’m being strangled

my minds such a heavy load, I feel like I’m going to explode, feels like no ones on my side, my feelings are pushed aside

no one knows where I’m coming from, I’m praying for a better life to come, reality showing I’m better off then some, some people have none, their lives were cut short by the disease of a gun

I’m bitching over a phone bill I couldn’t pay, when people are out there looking for a place to lay, down and rest their heads, no food to eat but bread, butter on a good day, I take back all the things I said

so young and insecure, I thought I needed more, then what for me was set aside, the rules I only abide, on my own terms, I was never to slow to learn, I have to wait my turn

god’s blessing is on its way, today is not my day, he said tomorrow doesn’t look good either but I should wait, no longer should I take

the road filled with glitz and gravel, this time the road less traveled, will be my starting point, the end is not the point, only how I begin, here and now with this PAPER and PEN.