Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer…

I have always heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” and over the years I have come to learn its truth. Some may look at a photo of a tree and just see a tree but in my mind I can see the planting of the seed, the water seeping through the soil, the roots starting to grow. I see the history and the journey the tree endured to become what we see. Pictures remind us of our yesterdays.

Don’t live in the past they say, (I don’t know who they are) keep moving forward, stop trying to relive the before. I say the past is the reason we have a present in which we are setting up our future. It’s ok to look back at the past. It’s helpful to know where you’ve been, remember mistakes you’ve made and embrace goals you’ve accomplished. Pictures, even videos from the past are our memories. Without them we are unable to keep in contact with those who aren’t with us anymore.

1997, 19 years since the last time I heard my father’s voice. 1995 the last time I saw his face. Two photos are all I have to remind me of what it was like to have a father. Two photos that I took a picture of so I can pretend that I had a Dad all these years. I never took the time to wonder what it would be like to have a Father because it has been so long since I knew what that felt like. I knew I wanted one but didn’t allow it to be a determining factor on how I lived my life. No excuses was my motto.

Tonight in my Effective Speaking class I took the time to talk about my father for my first graded speech of the semester. It wasn’t a speech about how much I missed him really, nor was it a sob story about my lack of a father figure. It was more of a message to others to take the time to remember the little things, take photos, write letters, embrace each other because you never know when those memories will be all you have left.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this post with us. I don’t know what it’s like to have lost your dad at a young age, but I could only imagine. I’d like to believe that when our loved ones pass, they haven’t gone very far at all. If anything, they have been with us all along helping and guiding us through life’s many experiences.

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