Danny D’s Delicacies

When you’re doing something you love then you’ll never work another day in your life. That is one of the many goals that Danielle Williams has set for herself. In her mid-20’s, Danielle has decided that while she loves her day job, she is more than ready to dive head first into her passion, food.

Danielle took a liking to cooking early on in life after watching members of her family like her grandmother and aunt create homemade desserts and meals in the kitchen. Living at home with her mother and sister, she took on the role of the cook after deciding that her taste buds weren’t agreeing with her mother’s culinary skills.


One cupcake recipe handed down from a family member was the beginning of a new passion for her. She began baking and cooking for friends and family during home events and through word of mouth she soon became a household name. No longer just a hobby, Danielle now had a product that was in demand and that is how Danny D’s Delicacies came into play.

She has taken to social media to begin branding herself with sites such as Instagram (@dannydsdelicacies) and on facebook Danny D’s Delicacies


Danielle is a 2010 Graduate of Lincoln University with a degree in Psychology and she also has a Masters degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Danielle is a Administrative Coordinator at the CUNY Graduate Center.




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