Missing You Like Crazy

Awakened by your semi-bright smile

and sweet scent of a new day

you whisper a good morning that sends chills down my spine

I roll over and tease you by pretending to still be asleep

until I feel your arms wrap around me

so cool and refreshing I jump up to start my day

out the window I watch you

pressing my hands against the frame

wanting to be closer

visions of you dancing with me and holding my hand as we walk through the park

your touch is so strong at times

so aggressive and loud until you realize I’m afraid and gently touch my face

letting me know your sorry

I get so lost in your beauty I look past it and continue my walk

I smile as you move through the trees

leaving little reminders of your presence everywhere you go

your so colorful but natural and calm all in the same glance

suddenly as we make our way back home I break the news

it hurts to have to leave you for something different

but you wrap your arms around me to let me know I can always come back

the departure is a little cold but I know your hurting as much as I am

my arrival is awkward but different

already something wants to take your place

I’m greeted with a hug

but I feel more smothered then comforted

determined to get over you i embrace it anyway

I went to sleep that night with dreams of waking up to you

something’s different

I’m awaken by a smile so bright it hurts to open my eyes

his hug is so strong I feel weak and need air

I listen for your good morning

but its not heard

not in the mood I get right up to make my way to the window

hoping to see you but instead there he is

hot and sweaty , so strong and uninviting

but right now he’s all I have

I place my hands to the frame

close my eyes

and pray you hear me as I whisper

“I miss you fall”

Published by: Pieces of Me

Often times we find ourselves hoping to following our minds rather than our hearts and we soon realize it's not the case. we get so caught up in our feelings and allow the stream of tears to sway us into making short term decisions that has long term effects. Sometimes we need to take a step back from ourselves and look at things from the outside. Ask ourselves is it worth it? Will I be ok with my decision tomorrow? Once we decide that it is worth losing we need to breathe in release and let go! No looking back, no regrets, just high hopes for the future, less frowns and more smiles. My name is Jordean Matthews and I am a native of Pleasantville, NJ. This blog showcases all things that are me. My life, my talents, my thoughts, my family. It truly displays all the pieces of me.

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