Humble and vain, she chooses to hide her pain, behind layers of emotions that drive her insane. She shows anger at first glance, such fire in her eyes, built up frustration at those she despise. A second look shows a smile, so big, soft and so sweet, careful not to miss it at times it is discrete. Behind every smile is a heart torn in two, hers is ripped in pieces from all the dreams that fell through. The pain she feels is reoccurring, like the seven days of the week, each emotion becomes visible with every word that she speaks. She smiles at hello, laughs when she says hi, cries when she misses you and is sad at goodbye. Her core is her mind, one she makes up on her own, sure not to let anyone destroy what she calls home. Lately her layers are shifting, the first glance may be a smile, be sure to take it in you may not see another for a while. She’s been feeding into lies and listening to false hopes, falling into traps and getting pulled by ropes. One decision she made, went against all her morals and dreams, she took advice from others regardless of how hard it seemed. She no longer wanted to go left, because everyone was going right, it was then she learn why she kept her ropes tied tight. She was fun-loving too, loves excitement and would take a dare, but this time she took a bad turn and the truth she couldn’t bare. Never knew something so good would hurt her so much, she gave up on herself the one person she thought she could always trust. Her values no longer mattered, her dreams all seemed so lost, she was determined to change her ways not certain of the cost. The cost she learned was acceptance, of herself and how she thought, she saw that everything wasn’t always better just because they were being sought. She cried and cried until her eyes were fiery red, she laid back down and thought over the last moments in her head. She sat up and snapped herself out of a dazed stare, realizing people make mistakes and eventually no one would care. Her layers started to reshape and she became whole, for the first time in a while she felt some self control. She walked up to the mirror and then began to say, “the past is over, and I’m ready for a brand new day.”

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