Trust the Process

I don’t know about you all but I have spent the years of my youth playing sports, running around the jungle gym and chasing friends around the yard, pretty much anything to stay active. Then things began to change. The internet became a thing, we began to trade in our skates for game controllers, our bikes for tablets and those began the era of dormant fun. Childhood obesity began to rise, people became lazy and eventually some of us let ourselves go. Eventually things began to change and being fit was once again the “in” thing.

The last couple of years the fitness world has had a rise in attraction from the general population. People are becoming more health conscious, eating better, working out more and just taking better care of themselves. As humans, however, we sometimes forget to keep the movement going. Take Collene for instance, an athlete since grade school, she competed in track, soccer and softball since the age of five through college.


Eventually she gave up. Once she graduated from college and was no longer a student-athlete her fitness journey came to a complete halt. She stopped working out, paid less attention to her appearance until one day things became more noticeable.


All of a sudden her clothes didn’t fit, she couldn’t shop in her favorite stores and her self-esteem started to fail. She needed to make a change and through the help of her trainers at ICanFitness she got her life and her health back on track. Check out her story below.





Follow her on social media @collene87

ICanFitness is ran by Roderick Tresvant and Dietrich Harrington. They are located at 8802 Miramar Pkway, Miramar, FL 33025

Check them out on instagram




ICanFitness also has a second location in Georgia ran by Brian Meadows

2226 Bethany Church Rd, Snellville, GA, 30039



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  1. Collene is one of my #1 Motivations…❤❤❤
    Keep being great at being you Boo 😍😍😍 God Bless you Always 😇😇😇

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