In life it seems like no matter what you do there will always be someone or something that makes our efforts seem in vain. When you get your first apartment, your friend gets their first house, you get a raise at work, someone else gets a promotion and now they’re making twice as much as you, not fair right? It’s like no matter what you do there is always someone out there who is doing Better. What is better anyway?

Does having more money automatically mean someone is better off? Does having a family mean you are doing better in life? Maybe. It seems like our biggest faults wen wanting to do or be better is that we’re always competing with others when what we should be focused on is being better than we were the day before. Our wanting to be better should be based on where it is we want to go in life and not on trying to live up to everyone else’s standards. We must become better versions of ourselves by doing, being and attracting Better.

Doing Better: Everyday you have to put forth the effort to improve your quality of life. You have to work harder at everything, whether it’s your job, your school work, your relationship. Put in the work! Do what needs to be done now so that you can enjoy it now and again later. Save money for something you really want to accomplish. Whether you want to start a business buy a house or just go on a long vacation, start funding your dreams today! Put a percentage of your check or your residual income into a savings CD or a bank account and don’t touch it! Cut back on your partying, stop fighting, whether physically or verbally, refrain from cussing and just stay away from drama. When you do better you eventually become better.

Being Better: When you put in the work to do better you eventually will become a better version of yourself. In all aspects of your life you’ll be a better spouse, friend, neighbor, sibling, child, co-worker and whatever other roles you have. Doing better makes you become a better person and once you do that you will begin to attract better.

Attract Better: Watch the friendships that you keep. Not all “ships” stay afloat, some are pierced with holes that are meant to brink you down slowly. Doing and being better allows you to pay closer attention to those in your life that will try to hinder you from the things that make you a better person. One broken vessel can sink your “ship” faster than you’ve ever imagines. Surround yourself with people who uplift you, tell you when your doing wrong and encourage you to stay on track.

Just remember you are not I a race with anyone but yourself. Compete with the older versions of yourself and not anyone else. Your journey is life is not at the same pace as anyone else so take your time and enjoy the ride.

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