Beginning Again: My Natural Hair Journey




Since I met my friend Akilah in 2009 during grad school in Miami I kept saying I was going to go natural. There was nothing wrong with my hair. It was relaxed but it was long thick and healthy but I have always been attracted to curls. Over the years I have made numerous attempts. I tried transitioning and cutting a little at a time but at the end of the day I just caved and the creamy crack took over lol. Well in 2014 I promised myself that I would just take a leap of faith and finally I did. On January 3, 2014 I walked into the barber shop and told the barber to cut it off. As you can see from the photo above she looked at me like I was crazy and literally almost cried lol. The dark hair pics are from that day and the reddish was a little over two months later. I’m still was not 100% comfortable with it so I didn’t wear it out but yeah just a witness that shrinkage is real lol. 
I went about a year and a half before being impatient caused me to make a stupid decision. Listen to my story below.  


These are pictures from my first time trying to go natural


These are pictures from this time around. I know this process isn’t easy but I know it’s worth it.

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