The Daniel Fast: Why I Quit…Kind of

A little over a week ago I wrote you guys this super long post giving you words of encouragement, recipes and links to help anyone who wanted to get started on the Daniel Fast. For those of you who didn’t read it the fast is basically based on the fasting experiences of the Old Testament Prophet. Many foods like meat, dairy and sugar are restricted, while foods like beans, fruits and vegetables are consumed for 21 days.

I was excited for the challenge and ready to sacrifice the goodness of fried chicken, bacon and grape soda to draw closer to God. Last year I attempted but lasted only three days. I think I gave up because I wasn’t strong enough mentally. I thought I couldn’t do it and therefore I didn’t. This year I was determined. It was going to be 21 days of pure determination but sadly I made it only to day eight.

I started this fast on February 20 and the first few days were hard. I was always hungry, my migraines were getting worse and I had no energy at all. When I woke up that morning I went to the gym thinking this was going to be the start of something great. I worked hard, sweated buckets full of water out of my system and went to school and work. By the next morning I couldn’t get out of bed. I skipped my workout for the next two days because my energy felt drained. Still I kept at it. I made it through the week and then Monday morning, February 27, I woke up and knew something had to change. My migraine was one of the worst. I felt sick and I knew I couldn’t continue the way I had be going. When I did workout I was burning too many calories for the amount of calories I was digesting. At this rate I was probably going to pass out.

So I made a decision. Do I continue on with the fast just to prove a point to myself that I could do it even at the expense of my health or do I made a few adjustments and get my health back on track. I made the adjustments. I decided I still wouldn’t eat meat or drink soda or even consume as much sugar but everything else was back on the table, especially dairy. I figured at least I could make my protein shakes and a few different pastas.

This fast has such a deeper meaning outside of losing weight and eating right, as I mentioned before one of the biggest benefits is sacrifice. Even though I had to step back from it I challenge those of you who aren’t as active to give it a try. It’s Lent season, time to sacrifice and get closer to God. Don’t sacrifice your health but do sacrifice your heart. Check out the video below which is a recap from time on the fast. It’s long but I learned a lot.


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