A House by 30

One of the biggest goals I set out for myself was to by a house before my 30th birthday. As of today I have four months, one day and a couple of hours to make that happen. I have started the process and so far so good. I have been prequalified, preapproved, got a signed contract, did my home inspection and now I am just waiting on a whole lot of paperwork and the appraisal to get finished and then hopefully by this time next month I will be moving into my first home.

This process has not been easy and I plan to document as much of it as I possible can to help those of you whole are thinking of going this route in the future. I have also decided to vlog my experience as I plan to make 80% or more of my furniture myself. I look forward to this journey and I hope you all will be taking it with me. This is a short post but there will be plenty more to come. Check out my first vlog of the process and keep watching my YouTube channel and checking back here for more tips and updates on buying a house.


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