Homemade Moisturizer: Good for your hair and body!

Hi everyone! As I am becoming more comfortable with my natural hair process I started to realize three things.

  1. I actually look pretty good with short hair.
  2. Less is more!
  3. DIY! DIY! DIY!


For a long time I didn’t like the way I looked with short hair. I would see other girls with tons of styles and I would try them and from my perspective they looked a hot mess! Others would tell me I looked good but I just couldn’t see it, until recently. Every time a new product would come out I would want to buy it and try it because it seemed to work for other people but it did nothing for me. It seems like a week after trying a new conditioner or moisturizer my hair just gets used to it and then I am back at square one. After a while I would just stop trying to do so much and just add a little coconut or olive oil and I feel like my hair would stay moisturized for a longer time than usual.


I realized I didn’t need to add all those conditioners, creams, gels and sealants to my hair in order to achieve what I wanted. Less for me was more then I needed. I also started experimenting with creating my own products. I learned quickly to stay away from the foods like bananas and avocados. I just could never get it rights. Finally I found something that worked for me. I watched a ton of YouTube videos and read so many articles about the benefits of different types of oils and decided to once again try to make it on my own. Check out the ingredients below!


What you’ll need:

Raw Shea Butter

Jamaican Black Castor Oil*

Coconut Oil

Jojoba Oil

Peppermint Oil*

Rosemary Oil*

Eco Naturals Cocktail (Super fruit curl complex)

Hot Six Oil by African Royal (Used this as a kid and it is the bomb)

Jamaican Rosewater

Mixing Bowl


Hand Mixer

*I found a mix of these three by African Locs with a Twist


First you want to soften the shea butter, I didn’t and it took me forever to mix. Add it 5-6 tbsp. of the Eco Naturals, 6 squirts of the hot six oil, 10 shakes of jojoba oil, 2 tbsp. of the oil mix or 1 tsp. if they are separate of all the other oils. Three tbsp. of coconut oil and a 1/2 cup of rosewater. Whip together in a bowl with hand mixer until nice and creamy texture. Place content into a jar and seal. This will leave your hair and skin feeling soft and smelling wonderful.


For a cleaner look place content into a sandwich or ziplock bag and cut a hole into the edge before squeezing it into the jar.

For more tips and how to videos check out my YouTube Page as I will begin uploading haircare and other videos 1-2 times a week.





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