Jody of All Trades

I am sure at one point or another in your life you have heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, Master of none.” I just want to go on record to say I HATE THAT PHRASE!

When I was in graduate school, the first time around, I had someone who I looked up too on occasions tell me that I was basically that phrase in human form. I actually didn’t know how to take it. She told me that I needed to focus, that I was all over the place in terms of jobs I held, interests that I wanted to explore and goals. For a long time I actually believed what she said was a bad thing and I’m almost certain that she meant it to be.

Since then I guess you can say I have lived up to that description. I HAVE A LOT OF INTERESTS what can I say. I joined the Army, went to grad school AGAIN, traveled to a few different countries, went for my personal training certification, became a freelance photographer and videographer and started a YouTube channel.

About a year ago I started having serious doubts about my life and my future. I started thinking that I had done so much in life but believed I had nothing to show for it. All my friends and family members were buying houses, having kids and getting married and then there I was just going through the motions, or so I thought.

It’s amazing how many people are silently cheering you on when you have no idea. Here I was thinking that I was lost and needed guidance on where my life was headed but then I realized that it was going exactly where it needed it to, UP. I remember seeing this quote that really spoke to me and it read:


Now that I believe defines who I am. I sometimes get praised for some of my work but I am honestly just enjoying life and trying out new things. I knew I wanted my 20’s to be my explored years. Any and everything I wanted to do I made an attempt to. I haven’t accomplished everything yet and I am perfectly ok with that. I just know that I am able to do so much in my life and I don’t ever want to put boundaries on my curiosity.

I am almost 30 and I am finally trying to put down roots. I am in the process of trying to buy my first house and man is it stressful but there is just this feeling of accomplishment and badassness that washes over me when I realize that I am able to even be in the position to attempt this.

People ask me all the time, what is it that you do and I always take a deep breath before I answer because I literally feel like I do it all :-). I love the fact that I was knowledge of so many different things because at any point in life I can be handed a tasks and be almost certain that no matter what it is I will know how to at least attempt to face it head on.

Thinking back to how disappointed and hurt I felt that day when someone working in a field that I dreamed to one day work in told me I was all over the place and that no one would want to hire me if I didn’t  settle down, I just smile. The pain I felt that day has no comparison to the joy I feel today when I look back on all the experiences I have had. I wouldn’t change my decisions because they helped shape me and grow my sense of self worth.

Sure it would’ve been easier to take a 9-5 working behind a desk somewhere but then I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy life’s what if moments I had endured. I am all over the place but I don’t think that is a bad thing anymore.

I  sports, food, kids, media, photography and writing so I do them all. I get in the kitchen and record my recipes and experiments and post them on my blog or YouTube page . I love capturing moments on my camera, both video and photos and sharing them with others. Sports and kids have always been passions of mine so I coach, train and work at a school.

I get the opportunity to do everything I love without having to pick just one because I don’t think I would ever want to. I mean truth be told I think I am exactly what she said I am but I am me, Jody of all Trades….mastering them one by one.





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