#Day5-Express Yourself

“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.”-Janet Lane

I remember being in middle school and wanting to be so much like my siblings. My older brothers played volleyball and one ran track so I did both and my sister that was in the states had such a way with words that I set out to gain that skill set.

I would write little stories and poems just so I could be like her and one day I ended up just falling in love with the expression. With all the things I have encountered in life writing has helped me heal.

I haven’t expressed myself in a long time and I think it is time to get back into writing poetry and hope that it still has the same affect on me now that it did on me back then. I know some people who could definitely use some healing, myself being one of them.

While I try to find my voice again I will just leave y’all with this piece I wrote so many years ago.

I Wonder

I wonder…
How can the numbers 143 mean so little to you coming from me, wanting to believe your hype but being its not all its cracked up to be
And I wonder…
Why still we stay even when you stray, ignoring all the signs, even when they are in front of our eyes for us to see
And I wonder…
Why do we condone a life of pain for a night of pleasure, attempting to measure our self worth by the number of guys who want to hit
And I wonder…
How much abuse are we going to put ourselves through, before we get a clue and realize they really aint worth it
And I wonder…
Why can’t we control our emotions and move on to the next, be done with the drama, let go of the past that left us so vex
And I wonder…
Why we hold on to our past, when we knew it wouldn’t last, fighting and crying over something so complex
And I REALLY wonder…
How can we just wake up one day with a smile and really not care, I guess life really isnt fair when it comes to matters of the heart
And yet I still wonder…
now that I let go will my love feel the same, As I continue to wonder, I smile and cheer towards a new start ♥♥♥♥

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