#Day12- Relax


“If you relax your mind, it can begin working for you.”-Bryant McGill

If you’re anything like me then your mind likes to think of a thousand things at one time. I’m worried about what to have for dinner, how I will finish writing this book, what my grandmother is doing, how I will pay for my student loan, is my job going to ever send me my new contract, etc.

I can never see to focus hence my Jody of all Trades post. I am always multitasking even with my thoughts. Finding ways to focus on one particular thing is hard but very necessary to help not only put my mind at ease but to give my body a chance to relax along with it.

I have thought of a few things I plan to do that will help me to relax a little more. Hopefully I will put these plans in place and actually work on them.

First things first I will make a daily and weekly checklist that way I can prioritize what I need to focus on and what can wait. I got the idea from and old friend’s blog post. Check out Nikesia Pannell’s blog and her article 5 Tips To Help You Balance Life When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed.

I will also take at least 10 minutes every few hours or so to just sit quietly and do nothing. This will be hard for me because when it’s too quiet is when my mind works in overdrive. I will find a way to tell it to shut up though lol.

Lastly I will try to start writing again. Writing forces me to focus on one thing. I don’t think about the rest of my day when I am thinking of another scene or line of poetry. I miss writing so this will be a win-win scenario.

Time to relax!

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