#Day21- Be A Tourist


The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he comes to see.” -Gilbert K. Chesterson

I love to travel and to learn about different parts of the world but what I have noticed lately is that I haven’t actually taken any time to see what’s in my own back yard. I was born and raised in New Jersey and traveled to New York often but never really took the time to visit places that others not from my area would call main attractions.

I remember seeing the Liberty Science Center, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island when I was maybe in middle school but that was over 20 years ago. It shames me to say I haven’t even been to any of the 911 memorial sites I just spent the last year and a half my life living in NY.

Today I decided to be a tourist. I didn’t check out those sites but I did take a day to just go enjoy NYC. My brother Ray and I (Adopted brother from China, not literally) spent the day together hanging around NYC and Brooklyn. We didn’t do too much but we did just enough.

We ate at a Taiwanese restaurant for lunch, had Chinese ice cream and Korean bubble tea. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and went to the park. Waited in line over an hour for a ferry back to the city that we never got one and finished with dinner at a diner that has been featured in many movies. It was a great day!

While traveling all around the world is amazing don’t forget to enjoy the best parts of your own home, you’d be amazed at what you find.



Published by: Pieces of Me

Often times we find ourselves hoping to following our minds rather than our hearts and we soon realize it's not the case. we get so caught up in our feelings and allow the stream of tears to sway us into making short term decisions that has long term effects. Sometimes we need to take a step back from ourselves and look at things from the outside. Ask ourselves is it worth it? Will I be ok with my decision tomorrow? Once we decide that it is worth losing we need to breathe in release and let go! No looking back, no regrets, just high hopes for the future, less frowns and more smiles. My name is Jordean Matthews and I am a native of Pleasantville, NJ. This blog showcases all things that are me. My life, my talents, my thoughts, my family. It truly displays all the pieces of me.

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