#Day26- What Is Your Therapy

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall in place.”- Lao Tzu

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and while many may think that mental health isn’t an issue that they ever have to deal with it could be closer than they think. Imagine seeing someone everyday, listening to their laugh, seeing their smiles and then finding out too late that they were battling something within themselves.

The phrase what hides behind a smile isn’t just a phrase anymore. Mental health issues within all communities have been brought to the forefront even though many have struggled with it for years.

Not too long ago a friend of mine along with a few others founded an organization built to bring awareness to the Nigerian Community about mental health issues and how it is effecting their people. Their organization, Talk Naija, allows people to find the resources they need to be able to find help and have open dialog about the issues.

With this being mental health awareness month they also decided to launch a campaign where people can express what forms of therapy they use to help keep the peace within themselves. You can find videos on their Instagram page, @talknaijaorg where many people share their therapy.

Check out the video below where I also share my therapy and if you would like to join please post your video and make sure to hashtag #WhatIsMyTherapy. Remember mental health matters and check out their site for more information and resources to help your or someone you may know.

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