#Day27- K.I.S.S


“Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confusius

Life really is so simple. Three of the most important things we must remember about it is you’re born, you live and you die. That’s it. You living your life isn’t based on how someone else lives theirs. If something makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else in the process then by all means enjoy it.

Don’t feel bad for your experiences if they have taught you valuables lessons. This doesn’t mean go out and commit crimes, hurt people or do something that can cause problems for others in the future, this just means be your own kind of happy.

I personally think too much, I worry about where I am going in life, who is bold enough to come with me, how I should look, talk, act, it’s all just too much. In the process I am just forgetting about the most important part of life, living it.

The saying can be harsh but it makes the most sense, Keep it Simple Stupid. I get it now and I will do just that.

Published by: Pieces of Me

Often times we find ourselves hoping to following our minds rather than our hearts and we soon realize it's not the case. we get so caught up in our feelings and allow the stream of tears to sway us into making short term decisions that has long term effects. Sometimes we need to take a step back from ourselves and look at things from the outside. Ask ourselves is it worth it? Will I be ok with my decision tomorrow? Once we decide that it is worth losing we need to breathe in release and let go! No looking back, no regrets, just high hopes for the future, less frowns and more smiles. My name is Jordean Matthews and I am a native of Pleasantville, NJ. This blog showcases all things that are me. My life, my talents, my thoughts, my family. It truly displays all the pieces of me.

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