#Day30- Accountability Partners


“Surround yourself with people who force you to do better.”- Unknown

Whether you are trying to get back into school, lose weight or start a business it is important to keep people around you who are going to push you to be better. Having your own set of personal cheerleaders can do a lot for your confidence and I am happy that I have people like that in my life.

For years I have attempted diets, challenges and remedies that would help me get back into shape but nothing could tame my love for food and cure my laziness. I recently found a gym (fitness studio) where I have met some awesome people who want nothing more than to see me succeed. My problem is do I want to succeed?

I may make it a day or two and then I am back to eating junk and not feeling guilty. A new friend and I decided that it was time to start holding each other accountable. We would be each other’s motivation and voice of reason.

Do you have anyone in your life who is willing to tell you no when you are attempting to do something that could set you back or cause you harm? If not then you seriously need a new group of friends. There is someone out there for everyone and you haven’t found your someone send me a message and I would love to get you back on track.!

Published by: Pieces of Me

Often times we find ourselves hoping to following our minds rather than our hearts and we soon realize it's not the case. we get so caught up in our feelings and allow the stream of tears to sway us into making short term decisions that has long term effects. Sometimes we need to take a step back from ourselves and look at things from the outside. Ask ourselves is it worth it? Will I be ok with my decision tomorrow? Once we decide that it is worth losing we need to breathe in release and let go! No looking back, no regrets, just high hopes for the future, less frowns and more smiles. My name is Jordean Matthews and I am a native of Pleasantville, NJ. This blog showcases all things that are me. My life, my talents, my thoughts, my family. It truly displays all the pieces of me.

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