#Day33- Abundance Now


“Abundance is a natural state of being, everything else is unnatural.” -Roxana Jones

I feel like I have accomplished a lot in life but have very little to show for it. For a while I felt like a failure because my blessings were in the physical form. I didn’t have the house of my dreams, wasn’t working at that dream job or showing off my husband and kids. I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything.

Recently I started reading a book by Lisa Nichols names Abundance Now. Usually I can finish a book within the same day but something is making me take my time with this one. I will pick it up and read a chapter or two here and there and it just does something for my confidence.

The life talks about living your abundant life now and not waiting until you have the “perfect” life. If you want to be a photographer, instead of waking up a photographer you can start by reading a book on photography. Then you are already a step ahead of everyone else who is starting out.

This woman talks as if her words were meant for me. She reminds me to count and celebrate my micro wins just as much as I celebrate my macro wins. I know it’s time for me to start living my abundant life right now!

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