Buying A Home: Needs vs. Wants

For years you have been renting and living with your family and friends and now you are finally ready to venture out onto your own and join the world of home ownership.

What do you do first? I’ll tell you what you need to do, grab a notebook, a pen, a cup of something soothing and have a seat!

One of the first steps to being a home owner is finding out what your Needs are versus your Wants. 

Write down every possible thing your dream house would have on one sheet of paper and on another sheet take away everything you know for sure is just something you think would look good. Once you get rid of all the glitz and glamour what are you left with?

Things to consider when purchasing a home;

  1. Price (what’s your budget)
  2. Location (rural, downtown, suburbs)
  3. Size (sq. feet, beds/baths)
  4. Style (condo, townhouse, single-family home)

It may be a good idea to print out a home-buyers checklist offline to get you started. Pinterest has so many examples and you can find them HERE.


checklistFor more tips check out the video below and be sure to comment and subscribe! More tips on the way soon!

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