Train Like a Beast

Capturing people in their purest form is such a hard task. People always want to look their best and portray an image of perfection. Fitness shoots to me are fun because not only do they show the raw passion but they also display the beauty in pain. While some of these shots are stages, there [...]

Nate “RichFloNate” Williams

From the state of Virginia, Nathan RichFloNate Williams, formerly known as DJ Nasty Nate is a Miami DJ blessing the airways and events in South Florida with his skilled hands on the turn tables. We met almost nine years ago on the campus of Barry University as he was spinning records for a men's basketball game. Now in 2017 he has [...]

Rayann & Family

Rayann Matthews is from Guyana, South America. A mother of three she now resides in St. Johns, Antigua. She also happens to be my sister :-). This past Christmas I got the opportunity to visit her home and the country for the first time and I must say it was a sight to see. I [...]

Stylish Winter

Meet Khalil Brown. Student, Sports Journalist and Fashion Lover. Recently we had a photoshoot in a residential neighborhood in New Rochelle, N.Y. Khalil's style and fashion sense can be found on his blog Eccentric Misfit . His blog is  designed to spread the aesthetics of the unusual and build a conversation. There you can share your [...]