Only One

Recently I have discovered the world of motion poetry and I must say I am hooked. Bringing poetry to life has always been a vision of mind and to know that there is a whole world out there just for that makes me excited for the future. I wrote this poem many years ago when [...]

Always Here

Singing “Rain drops keep falling on my head”.. When really they are tears flowing heavy like mother nature Sobs loud as thunder on a cold spring night I cry, begging for forgiveness, pleading for another chance Questioning myself, wondering what I did to deserve this Suddenly I cry silent tears and speak without words Eyes [...]


Humble and vain, she chooses to hide her pain, behind layers of emotions that drive her insane. She shows anger at first glance, such fire in her eyes, built up frustration at those she despise. A second look shows a smile, so big, soft and so sweet, careful not to miss it at times it [...]

I’ll Trust You

Lord it's not always easy, to have faith from the start, but I believe in your miracles and now I give you my heart. As the light of my days, become much darker at night, my faith becomes weary, and I know that aint right. I look for your miracles, too often it may seem, [...]

Missing You Like Crazy

Awakened by your semi-bright smile and sweet scent of a new day you whisper a good morning that sends chills down my spine I roll over and tease you by pretending to still be asleep until I feel your arms wrap around me so cool and refreshing I jump up to start my day out [...]