Trust the Process

I don't know about you all but I have spent the years of my youth playing sports, running around the jungle gym and chasing friends around the yard, pretty much anything to stay active. Then things began to change. The internet became a thing, we began to trade in our skates for game controllers, our bikes for tablets and those began … Continue reading Trust the Process

My Life In Color

My life in color is the story of a young woman named Shaunee Neil. She has always had a eye for creativity and anything that involved color and creation she showed interests. Wanting to major in Fine Arts but not wanting to argue with her mother she decided to chose something that allowed her to … Continue reading My Life In Color

   For The Love of Joey

  A look inside the love and life of a brother and sister dealing with their own personal battles. Meet Sara and Joey. Joey has Down Syndrome but that doesn't stop him from living the life he wants nor does it stop Sara from enjoying it with him. This duo has a story to tell … Continue reading    For The Love of Joey

Heart of A Champion

  “Heart of a Champion” is a story of a young man named Ryan Boyle who overcame a life threatening injury and continues to push through adversity and fight for a championship. ****Update: Since the making of this video Ryan has competed in the US Paralympics winning Silver in the Men’s Time Trial T1-2 Standings. … Continue reading Heart of A Champion

Danny D’s Delicacies

When you're doing something you love then you'll never work another day in your life. That is one of the many goals that Danielle Williams has set for herself. In her mid-20's, Danielle has decided that while she loves her day job, she is more than ready to dive head first into her passion, food. … Continue reading Danny D’s Delicacies