Beyond the Surface

Think about your neighbor, the boy who bags your groceries, the mail lady or the kid in your class who has holes in his sneakers. There is nothing special about them right? How do you know? Some people go through life openly displaying who they are, what talents they possess and will gladly share those talents with anyone willing to know. Then there are those whose outward appearance doesn’t always match their inner strength.  Often when we first meet people we try to figure out who exactly they are before we give them a chance to show us. Many times the outside is only a mere shell of who that person really is. Everyone has a story to tell, they just don’t always have an audience. It is my goal to help tell as many stories as possible. Here I will introduce you to individuals who you may have met but never really got a chance to know. I will look Beyond the Surface and present to you those Hidden Gems. 

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