#Day35- Take A Chance

"In the end you only regret the chances you didn't take."-Unknown When in doubt, risk it. Not always but when faced with difficult decisions sometimes it's just easier to just go for it. Don't overthink, don't psych yourself out just go with the flow. Whether or not that is the best decision you won't really … Continue reading #Day35- Take A Chance

#Day22- My Brother’s Keeper

"No friendship is an accident."-O. Henry Heart of the West In life we come across some people who change our outlook on life. With so much craziness going on in the world it is so refreshing to find genuine people who have your best interest at heart. Biologically I have two brothers but in my … Continue reading #Day22- My Brother’s Keeper

#Day20- Family….Not Just Blood

"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life."- Richard Bach I thank God for some of the people I have come across in my life. My family those related to me by blood are amazing in their own way but those who don't … Continue reading #Day20- Family….Not Just Blood

#Day1- The Happiest Place on Earth

  "We spend our whole childhood wanting to grow up faster. But we spend our whole adult life wanting to go back to the simplicity of being a kid. " - Unknown   It's that time again. That time of year where I try my hardest to put any negative thoughts or actions out of … Continue reading #Day1- The Happiest Place on Earth

Big girls don’t cry, but grown women do.

"Tears are how our heart speaks when our lips can't describe how much we've been hurt." -anonymous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agrXgrAgQ0U As children we are often told to stop crying when something upsets us. Whether we fell down and scraped our knees or dropped our ice cream cone that we finally saved up enough money to buy. "It's … Continue reading Big girls don’t cry, but grown women do.

Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer…

I have always heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" and over the years I have come to learn its truth. Some may look at a photo of a tree and just see a tree but in my mind I can see the planting of the seed, the water seeping through the … Continue reading Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer…