The Start Of Something New

Day 1 As many times as I have tried to complete my 100 days of happy challenge I could never make it completely through. I realized recently however I shouldn't limit my happiness to a certain amount of days. I need to find joy everyday and make sure I show my gratitude daily for what … Continue reading The Start Of Something New

Jody of All Trades

I am sure at one point or another in your life you have heard the phrase "Jack of all trades, Master of none." I just want to go on record to say I HATE THAT PHRASE! When I was in graduate school, the first time around, I had someone who I looked up too on … Continue reading Jody of All Trades

A House by 30

One of the biggest goals I set out for myself was to by a house before my 30th birthday. As of today I have four months, one day and a couple of hours to make that happen. I have started the process and so far so good. I have been prequalified, preapproved, got a signed … Continue reading A House by 30

Homemade Moisturizer: Good for your hair and body!

Hi everyone! As I am becoming more comfortable with my natural hair process I started to realize three things. I actually look pretty good with short hair. Less is more! DIY! DIY! DIY!   For a long time I didn't like the way I looked with short hair. I would see other girls with tons … Continue reading Homemade Moisturizer: Good for your hair and body!

Homemade Jerk Sauce

Hey loves! So sometime last year when I was still living in New York I decided to learn how to make my own Caribbean Jerk Sauce. The area that I lived in had about two Caribbean restaurants that sold jerk chicken but they both tasted more sweet than spicy and I like my food to have … Continue reading Homemade Jerk Sauce

The Daniel Fast: Why I Quit…Kind of

A little over a week ago I wrote you guys this super long post giving you words of encouragement, recipes and links to help anyone who wanted to get started on the Daniel Fast. For those of you who didn't read it the fast is basically based on the fasting experiences of the Old Testament Prophet. … Continue reading The Daniel Fast: Why I Quit…Kind of

Nate “RichFloNate” Williams

From the state of Virginia, Nathan RichFloNate Williams, formerly known as DJ Nasty Nate is a Miami DJ blessing the airways and events in South Florida with his skilled hands on the turn tables. We met almost nine years ago on the campus of Barry University as he was spinning records for a men's basketball game. Now in 2017 he has … Continue reading Nate “RichFloNate” Williams

The Daniel Fast

I have tried numerous times over the years to "eat healthier." Whether it was cutting out fried foods, not drinking soda or even adding more greens to my diet, I have done it all. What I haven't done however was actually stick it out. I have always attempted to do these 1-3 week cleanses to … Continue reading The Daniel Fast

Mango Habanero Wings

I'm Back! It's Superbowl Sunday and you know what that means? It's time to eat!!!! A good spread always consist of wings and I am sharing with you a new recipe I have for Mango Habanero Wings! Here's what you'll need! 1 ripe mango 3-4 habanero peppers 1 lime 1/4 onion 1-2 garlic gloves (I … Continue reading Mango Habanero Wings

Beginning Again: My Natural Hair Journey

    Since I met my friend Akilah in 2009 during grad school in Miami I kept saying I was going to go natural. There was nothing wrong with my hair. It was relaxed but it was long thick and healthy but I have always been attracted to curls. Over the years I have made numerous … Continue reading Beginning Again: My Natural Hair Journey

Trust the Process

I don't know about you all but I have spent the years of my youth playing sports, running around the jungle gym and chasing friends around the yard, pretty much anything to stay active. Then things began to change. The internet became a thing, we began to trade in our skates for game controllers, our bikes for tablets and those began … Continue reading Trust the Process

Stylish Winter

Meet Khalil Brown. Student, Sports Journalist and Fashion Lover. Recently we had a photoshoot in a residential neighborhood in New Rochelle, N.Y. Khalil's style and fashion sense can be found on his blog Eccentric Misfit . His blog is  designed to spread the aesthetics of the unusual and build a conversation. There you can share your … Continue reading Stylish Winter