More Than What Meets the Eye

I absolutely hate being called skinny. It really does something to my inner B*&%h and she is ready to go to war whenever I hear it. To some it may be a compliment but to me it seems unhealthy. From the age of eight I have participated in team sports from volleyball to track and…Read more More Than What Meets the Eye

#Day36- Friends Who Believe In Your Dreams

(6/5/2017) "Friends believe in you, are willing to invest in you and will always tell you the truth."-Duke Matlock For years I have been saying that I want to write a book. I have made many attempts but haven't really followed through with completing anything. I did publish a book a few years ago on…Read more #Day36- Friends Who Believe In Your Dreams

#Day33- Abundance Now

(6/2/2017) "Abundance is a natural state of being, everything else is unnatural." -Roxana Jones I feel like I have accomplished a lot in life but have very little to show for it. For a while I felt like a failure because my blessings were in the physical form. I didn't have the house of my…Read more #Day33- Abundance Now

#Day32- Set An Example

"Children are great imitators so give them something great to imitate."- Unknown Way too many times I have caught myself using foul language or raising my voice to someone in the presence of a child. Usually it's my niece or nephews but that doesn't make a difference. What I am inadvertently doing is showing them…Read more #Day32- Set An Example

#Day30- Accountability Partners

(5/30/2017) "Surround yourself with people who force you to do better."- Unknown Whether you are trying to get back into school, lose weight or start a business it is important to keep people around you who are going to push you to be better. Having your own set of personal cheerleaders can do a lot for…Read more #Day30- Accountability Partners

#Day28-True Friendship Knows No Distance

"True friendship isn't being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes."- Unknown I don't remember the exact day, that would be so creepy if I did (lol) but I know it was the fall of 2009 when I met her. She was so friendly and calm, I don't know what has happened over the last…Read more #Day28-True Friendship Knows No Distance